Suet Feeders

Our bird feeders are hand made from reclaimed lumber. This suet feeder has a chamber that accommodates standard size suet cakes. Easy,just slide the top up on the wires and insert suet cake. This feeder will be a solid hit with all your feathered friends.

Here are some of the birds you will attract with this feeder:
– Woodpeckers – downy, hairy, red-bellied, red-headed, northern flickers, and pileated;
– Chickadees, tits, nuthatches, brown creepers, Carolina wrens, tufted titmouse, Eurasian bullfinch and starlings;
– Wrens, warblers, thrushes, brown creepers, brown thrashers, robins, orioles, cardinals,
northern mockingbirds, catbirds, black-headed grosbeak, blackbirds and blue jays.

Bird Feeders

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